Open house Policy

I was talking with another broker the other day and they told me very proudly that they don’t do open houses. I was floored! Sure, it’s not often that you write a contract at an open house, but we have actually gotten several sales from that method. (This broker is NOT Nome based, but someone who had referred a listing to me.)  We have one ‘invitation only’ open house the day before the listing goes public, then one shortly after the ads go out.  It’s not uncommon for the invitation only open houses to result in a sale before the general public even knows about the home!

One of the Nome Sweet Homes agents, Pat Robinson, is the reigning Queen of the open house sale. She has closed one out of four open houses that she has hosted.

With odds like that, who can argue that an open house is a waste of time?

At Nome Sweet Homes we will do everything we can to market and sell your home. From superior Internet advertising to traditional advertising, from personal counseling on staging/repairs to hosting open houses, we put every resource we have into getting your house sold!

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Nome resident survey re: Housing Cost

We all know that Nome needs more rental housing.  I am working with some developers to help get some new things built, but a snapshot of the current market would be helpful.  IF you live in Nome please complete this survey!

As seen on TV show “Bering Sea Gold” 1.6 Acres of waterfront in the harbor!

This 1.6 acre parcel is located in the Port Road Industrial Park area and is a perfect access site for the Bering Sea. Across the harbor from where Ian Foster launched “The Sluicey” gold mining dredge in the TV show “Bering Sea Gold”, this property has plenty of space for dredge or boat storage, repair, and launching. There is a 744 sq ft 2br/1ba house, a Quonsit building(2760 sq ft) and a metal shop (2160) with beam construction and industrial wiring. The lot has approx 300 feet of waterfront that could be used for launching a dredge or boat.
Plat map, aerial photos and more information available on request.

▪ 300 ft waterfront with beach access
▪ Small house-2br/1ba, poor condition; holding tank system for sewer & water; wired residential
▪ Large Quonset hut 24’x115′, or 2760 sq ft.
▪ VERY TALL metal building with steel girder frame – 30’x72′, or 2160 sq ft; wired for industrial use
▪ Zoned Commercial or Industrial use
▪ less than 100 feet to large boat port/dock for loading & unloading barges, cruiseships, etc
▪ *boats and dredges currently stored on lot are NOT included in the sale

You want a what????

Wow…I just got another one of those calls…
“Howdy, I saw this TV show about gold mining and me and my brother thought we would come check it out. We want to take a look at some land up there; do you have any land with a lot of gold?”
First, if there is a parcel of land that has been proven to have gold in the dirt, then guess what? The Pomrenke’s or the Anderson’s own it! Just kidding, we have many miners here, but my point is that if someone KNOWS where the gold is, they are getting it out of the ground NOW!

I do have patented mining claims for sale, which means you are free to LOOK for the gold, but you never know what you will find.

The television shows we have seen lately were pretty unrealistic; and there are more shows coming with the lower 48’s facination with all things Alaskan. Which means an increase in population, which should excite a Realor, huh?

It doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I love miners. The saying goes “Some people come to Nome to mine for gold, and some people mine the miners!” However often the miners have no clue what they are doing.

A lot of these new miners are dredging on the coast; this means they are out in the Bering Sea on these dredges, generally little boats that suck the sand (and hopefully some gold) from the ocean floor. Every year some inexperienced miner ends up capsized without proper safety equipment.

So if you come to Nome, call me to buy your placer mine dirt, but unless you have experience dredging in the ocean, stay in Texas (or OK, AR, NY, or where ever you are coming from!) unless you have a local miner sponsoring you (ie making you work for little profit until you know what you are doing!!!)

Be safe!