Storage solutions for small homes

Your small home has more storage space than you think. For relatively little money but a lot of common sense and ingenuity, there’s space to be found.

Finding storage space in a small home doesn’t require remodeling or room additions. Start by getting rid of accumulated stuff. Take a hard look at room space, and buy furniture and storage items that can do double duty.

Here are six tips to maximize storage that won’t empty your savings account:

1. Declutter

A small house that is crammed with stuff feels tight and cramped.  Declutter and discover how much nicer a minimalist lifestyle is!

2. Platform and Bunk Beds

Add space and eliminate a dresser in a small bedroom with a three-drawer or six-drawer platform bed.  Bunk beds won’t have drawers, but you’ll save space by stacking beds.

3. Shoe Organizers, magazine racks

They’re for so much more than just shoes. Hang one by the front door, and use it as your small home catch-all for remotes, keys, notepads, cell phones, and chargers, and other household essentials. Hang one in your linen closet for household cleansers.  Hang one in your kitchen for your canned goods.  The possibilities are endless! Magazine racks are great for organizing pan lids, saran wraps etc.

4. Toe Kick Storage

Kitchens have lots of wasted space; check Etsy for toe kick drawers.

5. Up-to the-Ceiling Storage

Bookcases, kitchen cabinets, and shelving doesn’t make full use of the available space, so use that extra 2 feet with addition shelves and brackets.  If you a planning a kitchen remodel, make sure to use all that ‘head’ space!

Creating Storage Underneath Your Stairs


By: Jan Soults Walker

Sweep out the dust bunnies. Clear away the clutter. Time to put wasted space beneath the staircase to work with these customized storage solutions.

That hollow triangle of space beneath your staircase can house more than lint. Claim the square footage for organizing your stuff.

See which of these storage solutions trips your organizational trigger.


One of the simplest and most common under-stairs storage solutions, a closet can be lined with shelves and equipped with wire organizers to provide an abundance of organizational space. Include a light fixture in your plans.

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Cost: $250 to $500. Add $1,700 for professional installation; custom closet systems start at $1,000 and may climb to $30,000 for premium woods and all the bells and whistles.

Open Shelves

Rather than keep your belongings undercover, line the space beneath your staircase with built-in shelves that provide access from the side of the stairs. Use wicker baskets or canvas bins to corral smaller items.

Cost: If you do it yourself, $200 to $500. Expect to pay $1,000 to $3,000 for custom-made shelves built by a professional finish carpenter.

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Drawer storage allows full view and access to your belongings in one smooth motion. Accessed from one side of a staircase, drawers can be designed in a variety of depths and widths. Or, build drawers into the risers of one or more steps.

Cost: $200 to $500 if you do it yourself; $2,000 to $5,000 if it’s a custom-made built-in by a finish carpenter.

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Built-in cabinets can feature solid doors or doors with glass inserts. Use clear glass when you want to keep books and treasures on display, or choose decorative opaque or translucent glass to obscure the contents.

Cost: $1,000 to $20,000.


You’re not limited to any single storage solution; instead, use a combination of shelves, cabinets, drawers, and other features to suit your needs. Options include wine cubbies, pullouts with rods for hanging linens, or rolling bins. In an entryway, build in under-stairs alcoves equipped with pegs or hangers for jackets, hats, and backpacks; include a bench for sitting and tying shoes.


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General Zoning, Oceanfront

General zoning, double lot $245K

1br/1ba home on Front Street

Duplex for sale

IMG_9540This rennovated duplex has a main home with 3br/2ba, large living room and plenty of storage.  Second 2br/1ba home has a front door that opens onto Tobuk Alley, giving owner and tenant privacy.

Let your tenant buy you a home!

Update your kitchen without spending a fortune

  1. Install under-cabinet lighting. This simple project is low in cost and leaves a big impact, giving the whole kitchen a beautiful glow. Try LED rope lights that plug into an outlet or battery-operated single lights.
  2. Clear the counters. This is imperative for sellers. Change out the dish drying rack for a smaller dish drain that fits over one side of the sink.
  3. Create kitchen zones. For example, set aside space for a “breakfast zone” where the coffeemaker and toaster sits along with a fresh fruit basket and napkins.
  4. Rethink cabinets. If your clients are considering an update, cabinets that reach the ceiling are an ideal use of space. But if that’s out of the question, clear off the dusty tops and declutter the space so there’s visible storage. Place an indoor, shade-friendly plant to add some life to the space.
  5. Choose one appliance to update. Consider the kitchen space itself and what would have the most impact. If the kitchen opens into a family room, a quieter new dishwasher could be a game changer for some buyers.

National Flood Insurance Information

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides up to $350,000 of flood insurance coverage where required for a federally backed mortgage in Nome and Kotzebue.

On March 21, 2014 the President signed the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014. That Act changes the B-W Act to significantly mitigate the current impact of higher flood insurance rates. This includes eliminating the immediate application of full market-based rates upon the sale of a property or a new policy, limiting annual flood insurance premium rate increases to 18% for primary homes and 18-25% for second homes, directing FEMA to implement new rate tables based on the new Act within 8-16 months, allowing policy holders to receive a refund of premiums already paid in excess of the amount that would be allowed under the new law, allowing new owners to assume a prior owner’s policy at existing rates, providing for properties to be “grandfathered” to retain their flood zone’s rates even when remapped into different flood zones, and phasing in rate increases for newly mapped properties.

CLICK HERE TO SEE NOME HAZARD MITIGATION PLAN. (warning, it’s a rather large PDF file)

Airport Pizza for sale

airport pizza Amazing price, this restraunt / brewery is listed for way less than appraised value!  With a simple menu of good food, craft beers and a return to the ‘you buy we fly’ service that made Airport Pizza famous, this could be a goldmine in a town that was created by gold-miners!


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