“What is my home worth”

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me that!  The answer is simple….whatever someone will pay for it!

Now to get market value, that’s a whole different question (and probably what they mean, eh?)  Pricing a home correctly is not the easiest thing in the world to do, and takes a whole lot of general knowledge about the property and the recent sales, adjusting for the current market fluctuations.

Yes, there is a formula.

Yes, there is a form!

Yes, I can help you determine what the most likely appraised value for your property will be.

Yes you can call, email or text for more information 907-304-2871!

The cabin of your dreams…..








This lovely cabin on 15 acres of privately owned Patented mining claim has 400 feet of river frontage, solar power, hot and cold running water and the owner will even throw in the wood for your first sauna in paradise! A short drive from downtown Nome will bring you to this haven that is a world away from the day to day!



74 Acre Patented Mining Claim 8 miles from Nome

This is a pretty cool property, and not just because it’s got the full bundle of rights…I personally would love to buy it just to subdivide it, it’s beautiful, has a nice trail wandering across it, some creeks, and views of Sledge Island.

It’s about 8 miles on the Blodgette highway, a little ways past the Snake River. If you’re a local I bet you’ve explored the trail, picked berries, or snowmobiles there.

Give me a call or send me an email if you would like more information.

Ice Ice baby!

I finally had a chance to watch the new Bering Sea – Under the Ice show. I was pretty tickled to see that there were some local Nome folks on the show.

I hope there is more focus on the real people of Nome and less attention to the ridiculous fiascos of the Reidell’s and that horrid Meisterhiemer character!

A big wave to Ricky, Joe and Jacob!

Miner’s Campground

Nome Gold is planning to open up a campground for potential miners. Mitch Erickson of Nome Gold Alaska announced that they are proposing an industrial campsite close to dredge six on about 150 acres of mined property. They plan to open in May or June and close in October. If you would like more information as it becomes available please send an email to gold@nomesweethomes.com

Port projects planned

Keep an eye on what’s happening at the port of Nome. The city has some serious improvements planned for our harbor! A lot of people have some concerns about what’s going to happen with increasing traffic and increase in shipping but harbormaster Joy Baker has been working diligently to come up with a plan to help alleviate the expected increase in traffic.

There is some public information available about that plan; if you would like to see a draft copy of the changes feel free to e-mail me at melissa@nomesweethomes.com

New Short Sale Bill Proposed

Senator Murkowski introduced a new senate bill aimed at speeding up the short sale process. This bill gives the loan servicer 75 days to reply to a homeowner’s written request, which must include a copy of the contract with the prospective buyer. Homeowners would receive $1,000 each time the lender or servicer fails to respond, along with other “appropriate relief;, according to the requirements of the bill.
According to most loan servicers, the biggest problem with short sales is that the homeowner requests the sale with incomplete or missing paperwork.

Nome Sweet Homes is experienced in facilitating short sales in today’s lending climate. We have closed several short sales and foreclosure sales in Nome, working closely with lenders, buyers, sellers and HUD to ensure timely closing.

Don’t let a pending foreclosure ruin your credit. You no longer need to be late on payments in order to pursue a short sale.  Call Melissa today 907-443-7368!