Small homes are more affordable to heat

From the initial sales price to the ongoing expenses, a small home lets you keep more of your money in your pocket! This cute home does need some TLC, but is eligible for FHA/VA/HUD184 financing. Monthly payments on a home in this price range will be much less than rent, even at the higher interest rates we are seeing today. For instance, a 30-year-fixed loan at 7% interest rate will mean a house payment of $965. The fuel use in 2021 averaged a low 35 gallons per month, because you are heating a much smaller space.

One block from the Bering Sea on a quiet street, this home has a great location. Both porches have ocean views, but you are far enough from the ocean to avoid storm damage.

The TLC will mean an increase in the value when you sell it later, so this home can work to save you money now and save you money for later as it will only increase in value as you make improvements.

Yard cleanup will increase value!

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