The ANTHC Individual Sanitation Facilities Scattered Sites program works across Alaska to provide eligible homes with on-site sanitation facilities. The program designs and constructs individual on-site water supply wells, cistern water storage systems, community sewer, and water service line connections, and wastewater systems such as septic tanks and drain fields.

Sanitation Services

  • Individual on-site water supply (well)
  • Water holding tank (cistern)
  • Community water service line and /or connection
  • Individual on-site wastewater system:
    Septic tank/drain field, pressure dose mound community service line and/or connection

Some of the requirements are:

  • Project request is financially feasible
  • Applicant is Alaska Native or Native American
  • Applicant owns the land where the home is located or has a long-term lease
  • Home is:
    New or like new condition
    Structurally sound
    Has continuous electrical power, not from a generator
    Defined as 24-hour, year-round family dwelling
    Has interior plumbing
    Thermostatically controlled heat, not only wood stove

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