Did you recently get a tax assessment on your property? Was it higher than it should be?

In Nome, the tax assessor rarely visits the properties, but often does a percentage increase to all properties in an area. If you feel like that increase is too much, or that your property is assessed at to high, it’s fairly easy (and free) to request an appeal.

First, fill out the form, which is available for download from the City Clerk website or by clicking HERE.

You should be prepared to defend your reasoning for why it should be reduced. For instance, neighboring or similar properties were sold for less, deficiencies in the lot or the road, deficiencies in the house (broken windows, needs paint, etc.) Include photographs or any documentation that you might have to validate your reasons.

Generally on appeal, the assessor will make a site visit to inspect the property.

Nome Sweet Homes can prepare your tax assessment appeal for a fee, but the process is simple enough that a homeowner can generally do it themselves.

More information can be found at the city’s website or by clicking here!