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Storage solutions for small homes

Your small home has more storage space than you think. For relatively little money but a lot of common sense and ingenuity, there’s space to be found.

Finding storage space in a small home doesn’t require remodeling or room additions. Start by getting rid of accumulated stuff. Take a hard look at room space, and buy furniture and storage items that can do double duty.

Here are six tips to maximize storage that won’t empty your savings account:

1. Declutter

A small house that is crammed with stuff feels tight and cramped.  Declutter and discover how much nicer a minimalist lifestyle is!

2. Platform and Bunk Beds

Add space and eliminate a dresser in a small bedroom with a three-drawer or six-drawer platform bed.  Bunk beds won’t have drawers, but you’ll save space by stacking beds.

3. Shoe Organizers, magazine racks

They’re for so much more than just shoes. Hang one by the front door, and use it as your small home catch-all for remotes, keys, notepads, cell phones, and chargers, and other household essentials. Hang one in your linen closet for household cleansers.  Hang one in your kitchen for your canned goods.  The possibilities are endless! Magazine racks are great for organizing pan lids, saran wraps etc.

4. Toe Kick Storage

Kitchens have lots of wasted space; check Etsy for toe kick drawers.

5. Up-to the-Ceiling Storage

Bookcases, kitchen cabinets, and shelving doesn’t make full use of the available space, so use that extra 2 feet with addition shelves and brackets.  If you a planning a kitchen remodel, make sure to use all that ‘head’ space!

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