Anyone in Nome who hasn’t thought about being a landlord should seriously think about this option.  The current rental market is the strongest I have seen in over 15 years, and the proposed port project will inflate rents even higher, with a guaranteed flow of tenants for the next several years.  Interest rates are low, so monthly payments on your rental will be relatively low.

Do you own a home? Has it been a good investment?  Now imagine owning 10 more homes, each one bringing in an additional $6k-$10k each year…. would that affect your lifestyle?  Now imagine those 10 homes paid off (because they will eventually pay themselves off so that you own them free and clear) and now those same properties are earning $12k-$20k each year!!!!!

We have a property listed today that is priced at $149k.  The yearly gross is $50k.  Is it a beautiful building? No but its been maintained and is simple and solid, with long term renters.  The boiler, roof, and foundation are all less than 8 years old. Click here for more details about this property, or take a look at some of the other income properties currently on the market.

Concerned about the ‘landlord’ issue? Nome Sweet Homes does property management now, so we are available to handle all the maintenance, rent collections, tenant screening, and eviction if necessary.  Feel free to give me a call or email if you have any questions about owning an investment property, I can be reached at 907-443-7368 or 907-443-RENT