One of the challenges with living in Nome is something that people in the Lower 48 take for granted….the access to hazard insurance for your home.  One of the most important factors in the monthly payment for your home is the cost of your insurance.  Rate quotes vary greatly from agent to agent, insurer to insurer.  I have worked with several different companies and am always happy to refer you to agents who have proven to be easy to work with and carry insurance products that are cost effective.

A large portion of Nome is located in the flood plain and will need to purchase flood insurance, as traditional homeowner policies do not cover flood damage.  Even if there is no history of flooding at the site, if your property is located in the ‘flood plain’ your lender will require this type of coverage.

Buyers of investment properties also special coverage; premiums on homes where occupants are non-owners tend to be slightly higher than for owner occupied properties.

For a comprehensive list of insurance companies that do business in Nome Alaska and an estimate of what the rates will be, please click HERE.