Spring is a great time to plan for home improvement projects.  Certain projects will not only increase your enjoyment of your home, but can also bring down the dreaded heating costs!  The following are some suggestions for improving your house with resale in mind.

  1. Replace windows.  (payback at sale is 71% per Remodeling Magazine). A less costly alternative can be to add storm windows, caulk, and weatherstrip.
  2. Install a new heating system.  At the very least, have your system cleaned and reviewed yearly.
  3. Install more insulation.  An energy audit can determine how much more is needed.  This is one of the ‘must do’ projects on most folks honey-do list.  Most buyers ask what the fuel consumption of a property is BEFORE they even view the property.  Having more efficent house definately brings more buyers to your house!
  4. Repair or replace roof.  Metal roofs are prefered by Nome buyers.
  5. Paint.  Exterior paints deteriorate rapidly in our seaside climate.  A home that has a fresh coat of paint really stands out in Nome.  I recommend Mo’ Mud Mo’ Better for a quality, long lasting finish.
  6. Plant willows or trees.  Especially in Nome, a little landscaping goes a LONG way! When I show a house that has a tree or two in the yard, it always elicits positive comments from buyers.  Really want to wow prospective buyers???  Go all out and seed a yard…just remember to keep the grass cut!
  7. When it comes to artificial light, I recommend switching burned-out bulbs to LEDs, which last longer than incandescents, consume less energy, and have come down in price — now often just $10. Quality has improved, too, and they’re dimmable and available in colors.

While you may not be planning to move or to sell any time soon, these improvements will increase your enjoyment of your home now!  Feel free to give me a call to discuss other ways to make improvements you can enjoy now that will benefit your eventual sale!