Is it a Nome Sweet Homes listing?

Some of the listings on our website are not Nome Sweet Homes listings.  We feature them on our website because we want to be the main source of real estate information in Nome.

Typically, a Nome Sweet Homes listing will have 5+ photos,  and attachments such as descriptions, plat maps, fuel consumption reports, floor plans and other relevant information.  We try to include as much detail in the description as possible to help buyers weed thru the offerings so they don’t waste time looking at homes that don’t fit their needs.  These things help get more showings with REAL and QUALIFIED buyers.

If you are thinking of selling your home, make sure to contact us to see what services we offer to help your home sell quickly and for the best price.

Want to buy a house for your lot?

There are a few places that will need to be moved this summer, let me know what you are looking for and beat the summer rush!

Local video – gotta watch this one!



2 acres within city limits, oceanfront, power available to lot

Owner is willing to finance with VERY low down


close to town and hospital