Dome house, anyone?

 Wow, did anyone else see this thing go up??? It’s actually pretty good sized.

 How long did it actually take to build it, one day I saw them unpacking it, then when I drove by a few days later it was up and finished! More information please!

3 Comments on “Dome house, anyone?”

  1. Jeff says:

    Hello, I talked to the guy selling these dome homes at the new Small Business event at old St Joe’s a couple months ago, he told me that he and his wife assembled that Dome in 2 days, They come as a complete kit with instructions on assembling, they come complete with the Deck to build it on, they have a lot of options available, like Doors, Windows and insulation upgrade packages but the basic kits come with all the basic requirments.

  2. Jamie says:

    Here is the site of the guy who is the Alaska representative. I am unsure if he was the guy who was at the Old St. Joe’s. But I have contacted him about information. Unfortunately, they seem too small for what I am looking for.

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