Put down that hammer and step away from the building…


I just sent a crew over to attack a punch list at one of the homes that we recently had appraised and we had the work completed in 3 days. Since I became a full time REALTOR in 2007 I have only seen ONE homeowner who ‘saved money’ by doing the repairs himself.

Generally, what I see is homeowner is going to do it himself, or with his brother’s help. Well then they want to save a few bucks by ordering from a mega-mart in Anchorage. So it takes a week to ship the repair items. Then the brother is traveling, so the repairs don’t get done in time for closing. Now the buyer wants to renegotiate price, or worse finds another home they like better!

It is important that you don’t become the reason for a delayed closing. Another house payment, interest fees, etc probably will cost you more.

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