Shut up!

Part of my new buyer counseling will include “shut up” from here on out.

If you make an offer or plan to make an offer one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to shut up.

That means no Facebook about how much you like it, that you found the perfect house, not telling how you got a great deal, nothing!!! Keep your mouth (and your typing fingers) silent until the transaction has recorded.

Else you might just find that you have lost the property, or you might find yourself having to pay more than you had to!

Be tightwad lose the house!

So I tell someone to submit their “highest and best” offer. What exactly is so confusing about that? Why does it inevitably happen that after someone is told to submit highest and best, then they don’t get the house, they come back to me and say:

“I would have gone higher, why didn’t they counter?”

Newsflash…if I say to submit your highest and best because there are multiple offers, I am going to assume you have submitted the best you are going to offer.

Because highest and best does not mean submit a lowball offer and we will negotiate with you. It means we have an offer that is satisfactory but we want to give everyone one more chance to meet or beat that offer.

If you really really want the property in question you will forget about the listing price altogether. You will offer the highest dollar amount YOU feel the property is worth. The best terms, such as a quick close. The least repairs (highest and best is not the time to demand new boilers, new roof) as ease of closing is a consideration.

If you decide to be a cheapskate and offer less than your best, don’t bother whining to me that you would have gone higher if I had only asked!!!

Because I will NOT ask!

Doing business in Alaska the wrong way

It always blows my mind how companies want to do business in rural Alaska and have absolutely no clue about the logistical challenges we have to overcome. I mean, sure I would love to FedEx next day air you those papers… Of course they will take at least 3 days to get there, and we can only do it on Tuesday and Thursday, and since we have to pay for courier service that will add another $100 to the total shipping bill.

Next day express mail works, it’s the best thing we have. Of course it isn’t next day air, it’s sometime in the next 3 days air!

Learn a little about the place you want to business!

206 Fore and Aft Drive Nome Alaska

Almost ready to close this home; I’m working with a new loan processor, so it’s always a challenge to make sure that he sticks to the timeline. I have such a hard time with new loan processors after working with Hilde Stapgens and her fabulous team at Residential Mortgage. Her 30+ years of experience tend to make any transaction so much easier from a client’s viewpoint. And from my viewpoint she is absolutely wonderful!

So if we close this transaction on time, I will post the name of the loan processor; if we don’t I will let you know without shaming him by saying who he is or what bank. I will probably make another plug for my favorite loan processor!

City of Nome just bought port road property

Jeez, I hope they will look at buying this one next:

Seems like a no brainer, the city is going to need this property at some point anyway for the harbor. What a great spot to drop a boat!

Day 6 of HUD Foreclosure

We are on the 6th day after acceptance and we still don’t have a fully
executed contract!  Working with HUD can be so rewarding, both for me at the
Realtor and for the buyer, who is getting a great deal….BUT they are not
kidding when they say what type of check they want to see.  It states in the
contract ” a certified check from a bank or US postal service money order made
out to HUD or ‘buyer’s name’; it’s unfortunately common to see the eager buyer
rushing to the bank, getting a bank money order to HUD, then submitting that
with their contract.

Guess what? Offer can be cancelled!

They honored it and gave the buyer a chance to remedy the situation, but it
is absolutely imperative to follow the instructions when buying a HUD
foreclosure to follow ALL the instructions to the letter.  This buyer could have
lost his contract, and believe me there are plenty of other people waiting in
the wings to pick up this bargain property!

White Lines

Kudo’s to the road maintenance crews for getting the lines (relatively) strait!  I love seeing a those white lines, marking off where the cars can go and where the foot traffic belongs, and I hope we get lots more of them.

The foot traffic seems to have gotten a little out of control lately;  people walking down the road without a care in the world, like there are no cars in Nome! I understand that this town could use a few more yards (ok miles!) of actual sidewalk, but it seems that walking BESIDE the road would just make much more sense from a safety point of view.

Thanks guys, you did a great job!