Glamour in a small town

One very nice hidden treat in Nome has reopened with a brand new look!

I had been given a gift certificate for a ‘combo deluxe’ at Trin’s Spa & Nails from my friends Trudy and Josie as a shower gift when I was pregnant for my son, and finally got the chance to use it.  All I can say is “WOW”!

Trin’s has relocated to 1st Avenue, right next to Nome Outfitters.  Once you walk in the door you are immediately transported to an elegant, intimate haven that makes you feel like you have been transported to a big city luxury spa for the elite.  Dainty curtains with a embossed pattern offer privacy and give a glow to the room; the new massage chairs had me ready to doze off after 5 minutes!

The remodel was done by local Nome contractor Nathan Nagaruk, and the additions were seamless.  Of course being familiar with Nathan’s work I would expect nothing but top quality from his crews!

Trin’s offers pedicures, manicures, and acrylic nails and a whole host of other services.  She has two tanning beds and best of all:


So now those of us who love the spa treatments won’t need to wait until we travel to Anchorage to get pampered…we can get it right here in Nome!

Loan program for ‘fixer uppers’

In a town like Nome, Alaska building costs for new construction can run up to $320 per square foot.  There are many homes on the market that could be rehabilitated, updated, and made into really nice homes!

Trust me, I took a home built in the 1900’s, put about $30k into it and have a gorgeous ‘new’ home in downtown Nome! We had to replace wiring, plumbing, insulate etc but the look and feel of the home is brand new!

FHA’s  Streamlined 203(k) program permits homebuyers to finance up to an additional $35,000  into their mortgage to improve or upgrade their home before move-in. With this  new product, homebuyers can quickly and easily tap into cash to pay for property  repairs or improvements, such as those identified by a home inspector or FHA appraiser.

Now you do have to find a contractor to work with you; the loan program can be a little cumbersome with more paperwork than traditional loans (yes, it is possible to have more paperwork, LOL!)

You can even do some of the work yourself, and whatever you save will reduce the prinicpal balance on your loan!

If you could by a 1300 sq ft 3br home for less than $100k, put in $35k in improvements and have a great house to live in?  In this town, this is a no-brainer!

See for a home that is ideal for this loan program!

Now only 2 lenders in AK are authorized to do the 203k Streamline, so email me for more information!

You want a what????

Wow…I just got another one of those calls…
“Howdy, I saw this TV show about gold mining and me and my brother thought we would come check it out. We want to take a look at some land up there; do you have any land with a lot of gold?”
First, if there is a parcel of land that has been proven to have gold in the dirt, then guess what? The Pomrenke’s or the Anderson’s own it! Just kidding, we have many miners here, but my point is that if someone KNOWS where the gold is, they are getting it out of the ground NOW!

I do have patented mining claims for sale, which means you are free to LOOK for the gold, but you never know what you will find.

The television shows we have seen lately were pretty unrealistic; and there are more shows coming with the lower 48’s facination with all things Alaskan. Which means an increase in population, which should excite a Realor, huh?

It doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I love miners. The saying goes “Some people come to Nome to mine for gold, and some people mine the miners!” However often the miners have no clue what they are doing.

A lot of these new miners are dredging on the coast; this means they are out in the Bering Sea on these dredges, generally little boats that suck the sand (and hopefully some gold) from the ocean floor. Every year some inexperienced miner ends up capsized without proper safety equipment.

So if you come to Nome, call me to buy your placer mine dirt, but unless you have experience dredging in the ocean, stay in Texas (or OK, AR, NY, or where ever you are coming from!) unless you have a local miner sponsoring you (ie making you work for little profit until you know what you are doing!!!)

Be safe!

HUD Foreclosure in Nome Alaska

With the most recent price drop on the HUD 4-Plex foreclosure in Nome there sure has been a lot of activity! Unfortunately everyone wants inspections & bids from contractors…which is certainly slowing down the process!

However I must applaud these cautious folks; it is especially important when buying any home AS IS that you take the time to get it inspected and to get actual bids from contractors before you purchase. While most defects in a property are obvious, many are hidden….and of course those are generally the most expensive ones!

HUD properties are sold AS IS, where is. HUD does not finance their homes, so you need to have your funds ready to go before placing your offer.

The address of the HUD Foreclosure in Nome is 107 E 4th Avenue. Take a look at the listing on the website and email me for a copy of the appraisal, interior photo’s, and a plat map!