“What is my home worth”

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me that!  The answer is simple….whatever someone will pay for it!

Now to get market value, that’s a whole different question (and probably what they mean, eh?)  Pricing a home correctly is not the easiest thing in the world to do, and takes a whole lot of general knowledge about the property and the recent sales, adjusting for the current market fluctuations.

Yes, there is a formula.

Yes, there is a form!

Yes, I can help you determine what the most likely appraised value for your property will be.

Yes you can call, email or text for more information 907-304-2871!

Open house Policy

I was talking with another broker the other day and they told me very proudly that they don’t do open houses. I was floored! Sure, it’s not often that you write a contract at an open house, but we have actually gotten several sales from that method. (This broker is NOT Nome based, but someone who had referred a listing to me.)  We have one ‘invitation only’ open house the day before the listing goes public, then one shortly after the ads go out.  It’s not uncommon for the invitation only open houses to result in a sale before the general public even knows about the home!

One of the Nome Sweet Homes agents, Pat Robinson, is the reigning Queen of the open house sale. She has closed one out of four open houses that she has hosted.

With odds like that, who can argue that an open house is a waste of time?

At Nome Sweet Homes we will do everything we can to market and sell your home. From superior Internet advertising to traditional advertising, from personal counseling on staging/repairs to hosting open houses, we put every resource we have into getting your house sold!

Call 443-7368 today for a free consultation!

74 Acre Patented Mining Claim 8 miles from Nome

This is a pretty cool property, and not just because it’s got the full bundle of rights…I personally would love to buy it just to subdivide it, it’s beautiful, has a nice trail wandering across it, some creeks, and views of Sledge Island.

It’s about 8 miles on the Blodgette highway, a little ways past the Snake River. If you’re a local I bet you’ve explored the trail, picked berries, or snowmobiles there.

Give me a call or send me an email if you would like more information.


While it isn’t as available as it once was, there are still some financing options that do cover 100% of the purchase price of the home!

  • VA offers 100% financing with NO DOWN, no PMI (private mortgage insurance), closing costs can be paid by the seller.
  • USDA Guaranteed Rural offers 100% financing, fixed rates, gift funds allowed for closing costs and allows for new construction.

In addition, purchasing a Nome Sweet Home requires much less than the 20% downpayment required in the lower 48.  The FHA downpayment is only 3.5%, and the HUD184 for Alaska Natives is typically only 2.25% down.

Some of the local native organizations have programs to help with downpayment and closing cost also!

Get your financed on!

One of the most important things you can do when you are thinking about purchasing a home is to get in touch with a lender to get your prequalification.  The very best homes are sold quickly, sometimes within 48 hours of a listing going public.  Buyers who are already prequalified with a lender are often notified via telephone immediately as the agent leaves the listing appointment, giving them the first shot at the best homes at the best prices.

It only takes a few minutes to get the process started, and I am happy to refer you to quality lenders who are familiar with working with Nome.  We have agents that specialize in first time homebuyers who will walk you thru the process for FREE!

Invest in your investment!

Spring is a great time to plan for home improvement projects.  Certain projects will not only increase your enjoyment of your home, but can also bring down the dreaded heating costs!  The following are some suggestions for improving your house with resale in mind.

  1. Replace windows.  (payback at sale is 71% per Remodeling Magazine). A less costly alternative can be to add storm windows, caulk, and weatherstrip.
  2. Install a new heating system.  At the very least, have your system cleaned and reviewed yearly.
  3. Install more insulation.  An energy audit can determine how much more is needed.  This is one of the ‘must do’ projects on most folks honey-do list.  Most buyers ask what the fuel consumption of a property is BEFORE they even view the property.  Having more efficent house definately brings more buyers to your house!
  4. Repair or replace roof.  Metal roofs are prefered by Nome buyers.
  5. Paint.  Exterior paints deteriorate rapidly in our seaside climate.  A home that has a fresh coat of paint really stands out in Nome.  I recommend Mo’ Mud Mo’ Better for a quality, long lasting finish.
  6. Plant willows or trees.  Especially in Nome, a little landscaping goes a LONG way! When I show a house that has a tree or two in the yard, it always elicits positive comments from buyers.  Really want to wow prospective buyers???  Go all out and seed a yard…just remember to keep the grass cut!
  7. When it comes to artificial light, I recommend switching burned-out bulbs to LEDs, which last longer than incandescents, consume less energy, and have come down in price — now often just $10. Quality has improved, too, and they’re dimmable and available in colors.

While you may not be planning to move or to sell any time soon, these improvements will increase your enjoyment of your home now!  Feel free to give me a call to discuss other ways to make improvements you can enjoy now that will benefit your eventual sale!

Home loans for Alaska Natives

There is a great loan program for Alaska Natives called the Section 184 loan guarantee program that many people are eligible for here in Nome, and I wanted to ‘demystify’ it a little bit.

First, this program is NOT a direct loan; that means you have to go thru a lender, not thru HUD to apply for the program.

Second this loan program is not restricted to low income borrowers.

Some highlights:
low downpayment of 2.25%
no mortgage insurance (PMI)
1% loan guarantee fee (can be rolled into the loan)

Let me know if you would like the names of some lenders who handle these types of loans!

No forested lots available…

No, I don’t have any land parcels that have lots of trees.

I do however have some lovely patented claims, land that you can mine for gold or gravel, build on, put a runway on, hunt or fish on….

Check out the 628 Acres on the Snake River, or the lovely little cabin on Katie Drive.  Closer to Council we have the breath-takingly gorgeous Fox River Subdivision, with 5 acre lots or a whopping 70 acre lot.  There are a few trees on that property.

But if you are looking for woods, we only have the Bering Sea National Forest here. … and once the ice goes it does too!

Is it a Nome Sweet Homes listing?

Some of the listings on our website are not Nome Sweet Homes listings.  We feature them on our website because we want to be the main source of real estate information in Nome.

Typically, a Nome Sweet Homes listing will have 5+ photos,  and attachments such as descriptions, plat maps, fuel consumption reports, floor plans and other relevant information.  We try to include as much detail in the description as possible to help buyers weed thru the offerings so they don’t waste time looking at homes that don’t fit their needs.  These things help get more showings with REAL and QUALIFIED buyers.

If you are thinking of selling your home, make sure to contact us to see what services we offer to help your home sell quickly and for the best price.

Want to buy a house for your lot?

There are a few places that will need to be moved this summer, let me know what you are looking for and beat the summer rush!


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