74 Acre Patented Mining Claim 8 miles from Nome

This is a pretty cool property, and not just because it’s got the full bundle of rights…I personally would love to buy it just to subdivide it, it’s beautiful, has a nice trail wandering across it, some creeks, and views of Sledge Island.

It’s about 8 miles on the Blodgette highway, a little ways past the Snake River. If you’re a local I bet you’ve explored the trail, picked berries, or snowmobiles there.

Give me a call or send me an email if you would like more information.

Nome Sweet Homes looking for a Realtor!

Tired of punching a clock? Like to help people? Have a good attitude and a strong sense of personal responsibility? If you have ever considered a career in real estate, I would like to help!

Flexible hours, hands on mentor-ship, and you would be entering the market during a period of growth. I will walk you thru the process of getting your required education and license, then reimburse most of your costs after your first closing.

Call or email for more information!

Scams on our PFD….IRA, 401K!!!!!

Wow….this was a real eye opener as far as investing in the stock market…. I just read Flash Boys and all I can say is WOW….

Highly recommend the read, it’s mind boggling that our futures (401k, IRA, SBS, Permanent Fund etc) is all victim to this…..

“What is my home worth”

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me that!  The answer is simple….whatever someone will pay for it!

Now to get market value, that’s a whole different question (and probably what they mean, eh?)  Pricing a home correctly is not the easiest thing in the world to do, and takes a whole lot of general knowledge about the property and the recent sales, adjusting for the current market fluctuations.

Yes, there is a formula.

Yes, there is a form!

Yes, I can help you determine what the most likely appraised value for your property will be.

Yes you can call, email or text for more information 907-304-2871!


While it isn’t as available as it once was, there are still some financing options that do cover 100% of the purchase price of the home!

  • VA offers 100% financing with NO DOWN, no PMI (private mortgage insurance), closing costs can be paid by the seller.
  • USDA Guaranteed Rural offers 100% financing, fixed rates, gift funds allowed for closing costs and allows for new construction.

In addition, purchasing a Nome Sweet Home requires much less than the 20% downpayment required in the lower 48.  The FHA downpayment is only 3.5%, and the HUD184 for Alaska Natives is typically only 2.25% down.

Some of the local native organizations have programs to help with downpayment and closing cost also!

Holiday shopping tip

Sign up for Amazon Prime Free Trial for 30 days. Not only do you get free shipping, you also get special member discounts.  If you subscribe to regularly used items, like toilet paper, laundry soap, K-cups, etc you can get additional discounts!

Prepayment penalty?

Did you know that in Alaska charging a pre-payment penalty on a 1-4 unit dwelling is not allowed?  So make sure if you are using a lender from outside of Alaska or an owner finance that there are no pre-payment clauses in your loan paperwork.


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